Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweden: Days 17 - 28

My deepest apologies for not updating the blog for the end of our trip, but I finally found time since being home for the summer to put together all of the video clips I had taken our second half of the trip.
(I know most of it just looks like fun and games and tourism, but I promise we were ACTUALLY doing ministry during our trip)
I hope you enjoy the final video of our trip, featuring our trip to the Barker's House for dinner in the countryside, an excursion to the free Loreen (Eurovision Winner 2012!) concert in Hotorget with some of the friends we met, the crepe party, and our final music cafe (as well as bits and pieces of other happenings).
Again, many thanks for all of your prayers and support! God is at work in Sweden, and we got to see just a tiny bit of what he is doing... I know even greater things will happen as a result of our faithfulness to heed his call.

Beyond blessed to be used as the Lord's instrument,