Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweden: Day 4

Today was Jesus Manifestation, which is a gathering of Christians in Stockholm. Our team was mainly responsible for helping with the Kids' Corner, which involved leading games and singing and dancing to worship music that sounded like Swedish Christians' answer to Rock 'n Roll.
It was a very cold and rainy day that most of us were not prepared for. But we pushed through and were thankfully provided with hot coffee! We joined with thousands of Christians in a prayer march through the streets if Stockholm. There was yelling, shouting, and singing. Geoff discovered that, though most of us Americans simply saw it as obnoxious, the Swedes are normally very reserved. So them shouting was something to really take note of.
The event concluded with songs sung by children on stage, as well as prayer for them as the next generation of Christians. That was followed by worship and some speakers.

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  1. Taylor, thanks so much for the day 3 video, we just watched, but the day 4 video link here is not working for us. We get a message "could not load movie" and " no videos". So, maybe you can check it out :). Thanks for the explanation above ( and photos) telling what you did for Jesus Manifestation! We're praying!